Custom Built Solutions

We provide custom built solutions that integrate the financial needs of small to midsize business and high net worth individuals.

Our goal is to act as an advocate in understanding clients’ goals and values, while keeping in mind protection and preservation of wealth.

Some of the broad ranges of financial solutions we provide are:

  • Define Benefit Plans (Pensions, Cash Balance DB) and Defined Contribution Plans (401K, Profit Sharing)
  • Non Qualified Strategies such as Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Risk Management and Protection via Life, Disability, Long Term Care Health Insurance.
  • Employee Benefit – Health, Group Life, Group Term, Group LTC, Dental, Vision.
  • Executive Benefits

We are committed to building relationships based on trust, sound professional advice, continual communication, and prompt personal service. For our clients, we set and monitor personal and business goals while keeping them informed throughout the planning process.

What distinguishes us is our personalized approach to helping our clientele. We bring deep relationships with some of the most respected CPA’s, Attorneys, Health Professionals and Business Owners to work for our clients and the full commitment of our firm.