Richard Taglianetti

Senior Managing Director of Hedge Funds

Richard Taglianetti

Prior to joining Corinthian Partners, Mr. Taglianetti served as a Senior Vice President of Investments at Prudential Securities. He headed a trading team servicing mutual funds, hedge funds and high net worth individuals, in both the cash and futures markets.

Mr. Taglianetti has over 20 years experience in the financial services industry. During his eleven years with Prudential Securities, he had demonstrated his commitment to exceptional client service and was elevated to the Firm’s Chairman’s Council as one of the top 100 producers out of 6,500 Financial Advisors worldwide.

His clients included some of the largest mutual fund companies in the country, representing more than $200 billion in assets spread over approximately 40 accounts.

During his years servicing top-tier institutions, Mr. Taglianetti has become acquainted with scores of professional money managers specializing in a wide variety of investment strategies. He joined Corinthian partners to bring together some of that exceptional management talent with high net worth families around the world.

Telephone: 212-287-1536


Mr. Taglianetti was featured in a recent Wall Street Journal article- Hedge Funds Bounce Back.